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We sincerely welcome all of you who have visited the Win9 website.

Win9 is for a better tomorrow of the material industry,

We are thinking about what we need and trying to find the answer.

As a result of selecting and focusing on the fields of semiconductors and electronic materials, Win9 has now become a recognized company in the industry.

​In addition to focusing on and developing the existing silicon business,

We want to go one step further and meet the expectations of customers with various materials and parts.

We also want to achieve meaningful results.

A company that prioritizes customer value under the corporate philosophy of "winning and winning with customers",

We will create a company that operates with value management that can satisfy society and corporate members.

With an effort to advance technology and improve quality without stopping,

We will be Win9 in return for your support.


Win9 Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Seung-Koo Kim

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