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Open accident

Win9 Research Center starts with industrial basic materials

Up to the next generation of advanced materials with customers

We are leading new technological change.

Understanding of the products customers need

Of customers through technological innovation.

We are raising the value of the future.

Joint research and development

Win9 Research Institute that leads innovation

With global partner companies and customers

Strive to develop the optimal product

There is.

제목 없음.jpg

Product application

The process and the laboratory are together

Researcher developed in the laboratory

Through product process scale-up

It can be commercialized right in the factory ,

Degree of commercialization of new materials/new processes

Commercialization through new factory construction

To increase the researcher's passion for development.

Advance development

Through core technology development,

Company vision,

For greater growth

To secure technology and develop products

I am working hard.

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